All our suggestions for massages are designed for men and women alike, and some of them to be carried out in pairs.

To fully enjoy the sensory experiences we propose these must be understood in a natural way, free of taboos or social prejudices. We encourage you to open your mind and come to experience new, pleasurable and unforgettable sensations.

The massages are performed on a traditional massage couch or tatami mat, depending on the proposal of your choice. The length specified for each massage is for the massage itself, regardless of the initial contact and shower before and after the session.

In all massage techniques we use the basics of massage and essential oils, specially blended by ourselves using the sweet almond or sesame oils as a base, in which we mix a subtle balance of natural essences such as Ylang-Ylang, thyme, rosemary, cedar, lavender, juniper, etc.

The relaxing and sports massages are a great choice for those who just look for a good professional massage, as well as a good opportunity to get to know us and choose bolder and more sensory proposals in future sessions.


If what you are looking for is relaxation and the opportunity to disconnect for a few moments from the daily pressures, certainly the effleurage massage is for you.

Effleurage comes from the French word effleur; to touch gently. Without any therapeutic aim, this massage is intended only to relax the body, with low-pressure, relaxing, encircling and gentle drag movements, with long and continuous light strokes, travelling all along the body, from head to toe. Let yourself be wrapped in the sensation of wellbeing this massage provides and enjoy it to the full.


For those who practise sports and people who suffer the day by day aches and pains, accumulating muscular overloads and strains, we will be able to relieve you from these discomforts through sports massage while you relax.

This massage makes use of more vigorous and quick movements, the force applied to the taste of the receiver. Among its many benefits are the activation of blood circulation and the lessening of muscular strains.

In this kind of massage we emphasize the exercise of stretching of muscular chains which are unbalanced through injury, bad postural habits, overstrains, and the like.


Of all our proposals this is the one that best fits your needs if you want to live a more intelligent and different orgasmic experience, as you know it today.

The term TANTRA is composed by two words, TANoti and TRAyati. Tanoti means to expand or to stretch out, and Trayati means freedom or to release. From this etymological definition some people describe TANTRA as the 'expansion of consciousness' and the 'liberation of energy'.

Based on the knowledge of Tantra, through this massage we work with the person's body energy, acting directly on the chakras (energetic centres in the body), making their energy flow and harmonize to unimaginable heights, which will eventually take the receiver to moments of extreme pleasure of orgasmic energy. At the end of the massage, it is up to the receiver to decide what to do with that energy, whether to release it like a pleasure explosion or to store it inside.

This is a personal journey, guided towards the depths of ourselves. Making use of very specific massage and breathing control techniques, plus meditation, you will be taken to the utmost body and mind relaxation.

This kind of massage is recommended to improve sexual dysfunctions such as female anorgasmia or male premature ejaculation. After a few sessions and following our indications, the receiver will be in condition to get over them.

A unique experience that lovers of massage should not miss.

This massage is performed on a massage table or futon.

On a massage table is not allowed to touch the masseuse

On a futon, the masseuse is naked and can be touched except in the genital area.

At the end of both massages is done delicious genital massage, ending in a wonderful explosion of pleasure.


For daring sensory massage lovers, this is undoubtedly the most recommended kind of massage as it combines to perfection and at a very high level the sensuality and technique of the traditional Thai massage.

The massage, implemented on a futon or a tatami mat, is a perfect sensory combination of strokes applied with the hands and body of the masseuse. It consists of a combination between very light and rhythmical pressing and stretching. The passive pleasure provided is captivating, sensual and very stimulating, rewarding the receiver with a unique sensory experience and high degree of satisfaction.

This massage is performed on a futon, the masseuse is naked and can be touched except in the genital area.

At the end of the massage is done delicious genital massage, ending in a wonderful explosion of pleasure.


This massage is designed for those wishing to demonstrate their sensitivity and sensuality.

It is a massage that allows the receiver to participate in the experience and collaborate in it by learning basic massaging techniques, always guided by the masseuse. Designed for people with sensitivity, it is a very pleasant experience, which develops the sense of touch and involves us completely in the massage.

This massage is performed on a futon, the masseuse is naked and can be touched without exceptions.

At the end of the massage is done delicious genital massage, ending in a wonderful explosion of pleasure.


A Tantric ritual in its own right, the Moonlight Massage focuses on the hedonistic worship of the body. Seeking to enhance the entire spectrum of positive energies, this type of massage is a subtle combination of soft caresses, pressures and gentle kneading all over the body, creating a seductive dance which will turn your visit into a unique experience.

It is performed on a futon, with the masseuse totally in the nude. It includes a genitalia massage at the end.


This unique way to touch the body comes from North India, based in the ancient tantric Shivaite tradition from the Kashmir region. This yoga of touch is based both in meditation and very deep breathing. “…when we breathe deeply, any sensation, no matter how light this may be, is broadcast all over our body, thus increasing its intensity…“

The Tantric tradition sees the body as a whole; we all want to be touched consciously and in a global way. The masseuse's slow dance, consisting of flowing movements, accompanies and stimulates sensations and any energetic movement.

This massage is performed on a futon, with the masseuse in the nude. It includes a genitalia massage at the beginning and another at the end.


We have designed a massage specifically for couples, which certainly will not disappoint. Merging our massaging techniques, and starting from a therapeutic massage, we apply oil and work together, beginning to enjoy nudity.

In a combination between Tantra and Thai, we activate the energy and stimulate the erogenous zones. This is a revealing experience which can improve the couple's relationship, creating moments of very erotic complicity. We invite you to give it a try!!!


All our massages can be carried out by two masseuses, in a four-hand session. It is an unforgettable experience. Just try it!