Basically, SAYAN was born out of the interest of a massage lover, and more specifically of a lover of the Tantra massage and erotic massage, who, dissatisfied with what was on offer, one fine day, decided to set up a place where to offer what he could not find, a place full of professionalism, of the savoir-être, the knowledge and the savoir-faire of a good Tantra and Erotic massage.

A cosy place you are invited to for an outstanding massage and, at the same time, invigorate yourself with sensualism as well as relaxation, and be conscious of the pure pleasurable sensation a massage can give you.

A place thought up for those who know that pleasure is not the aim, but the entire process itself.


SAYAN is an exclusive massage centre with a strong oriental inspiration, created and designed to meet the needs for relaxation and physical and emotional harmonization. Its facilities are notable for their exquisite attention to detail in respect of decoration, music, lighting and subtle scents and incense, which all combine to produce a successful sensory blend.

Massage center Tantra y eroticcmassage At SAYAN a team of professional masseuses work in a very caring, open and sincere way, offering a personalized and cordial treatment based on respect.

We see and understand our work under the standpoint of sensuality, in a natural way, without taboos or prejudices, and with an open mind, in order for you to experience the sensory side of massage, while maintaining a high degree of professionalism.

With this conception of massage in mind, all our suggestions are focused for the equal pleasure and enjoyment of both women and men alike, and some are planned to be carried out in pairs.

Welcome to the world of sensory SAYAN!!!


In Fuengirola there is a magical place where the word relaxation is the beginning, the end and the road the individual goes through from the moment he steps beyond its doors. This place is SAYAN.

Massage center Tantra y erotic massage A place where to blend physical pleasure and emotional development together. They go hand in hand.

The ultimate aim of all our proposed Tantra massages is to get the perfect alignment of mind and body, relaxing and releasing tensions both physically and emotionally; this is our pride and expertise.

Our suggestions are varied, ranging from the Tantra massage to the Erotic massage. All of them are aimed at boosting the vitality and making use of their powerful effects to be able to expand our conscious mind and our body energy, achieving mind and body harmonization in this way.

For us, massage is not a technique, but a language that universally connects people; it is the language of touch. To touch is to feel, to feel is to enjoy, and to enjoy is a synonym of fullness.

"Massage does not have to be a luxury reserved only for the rich or a whim of the mature sensualists. it is a vital rhythmic interaction which must be an essential part of our lives." (Gabrielle Roth, Maps to ecstasy).

All this in an atmosphere of respect, harmony and absolute discretion.


Massage center Tantra y erotic massage masseuse In SAYAN we do not just perform massages. We are in no rush, we want to know and participate in your concerns, orientate and guide you. Bearing this in mind, before each session we proceed to have an initial contact over a drink in the intimacy of the room with the masseuse; during these moments we will try to get to know you a little bit better, inform you in detail about the massage of your choice and create an atmosphere of exclusive intimacy. At SAYAN you do not only come to receive a massage; you are at our place, at our home, in order to share a unique experience. You are the protagonist, we want you to feel at home, enjoy and leave with a great long-lasting memory.

As we said before, the main purpose of our massage is to get the complete balance between body and mind. We have drawn up a few Tantra massage and Erotic massage proposals, making a distinction between the purely relaxing and the highly sensitive ones of strong Asian inspiration, aimed at enhancing the vitality inside you, creating an atmosphere of great eroticism and sensuality.