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SAYAN is located in a townhouse, in which we have managed to project a warm and very comfortable atmosphere in which to enjoy the massage in complete privacy and with the utmost discretion. SAYAN is not a conventional massage place: our decor, with a sharp Hindu influence, is designed to transport you to a world of fantasy and exoticism. A place where you can rest, relax and meet with your inner self, enjoying a feeling of extreme pleasure and relaxation.

Our facilities are perfectly equipped for all and sundry massages proposed. Through specially selected music, subdued lighting, decoration and subtle scents of incense and essential oils, we have created the most intimate and relaxing setting for the purposes of our massages. The blend of all these ingredients will help you relax in the unbeatable atmosphere in which you will receive your treatment.

We have bathrooms in which you can take a shower before your massage, in order to be extremely comfortable while you are receiving it, and after the massage so you can return to your daily chores fresh and invigorated.

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